Chandni Shah

Hi, I’m Chandni, life is a journey, this is my life.

From a very young age, I realised very quickly the path I wanted to take in life was not the traditional path most people walk on. I excelled in the creative and beauty industry, and from the age of 12 I had my own clients and my first bride who I did mendhi, hair and make up on. With so much experience in Bridal Hair and Make Up, this is one of the things Lagoona London specialises in.

Born and raised in London, UK. I first came to Mumbai at the age of 6, and then by the time I turned 12 I was travelling to Mumbai by myself every year. I had made my friends and Mumbai felt like a second home. At the age of 13, my dream was realised of owning and running my own 4 floor beauty salon in Mumbai. Fast forward to September 2013, at the age of 23 I had relocated to Mumbai and opened up Lagoona London, my very own 6 floor Salon and Spa. A dream come true.

Lagoona London, a haven for people to come, relax, wind down and enjoy themselves. Whether it’s for body massages, hair services, keratine, London waxing, facials, nail extensions or any of the other salon and spa services we offer. For me, It was somewhere I could do everything I loved doing under one roof, including talking to clients. At the time of writing, we have been open for 7 years and have up to 25 staff, all specialising in different aspects of hair, beauty and massage. Every time I walk into my salon I love it, it makes me happy and is something very close to my heart. Moving to Mumbai by myself, my clients became my family. Come in and feel at home.